Another UpWorthy Critique

There’s a video going around on facebook from UpWorthy, curated from Buzz Feed.

The UpWorthy article is here.

There is a good point to be made here, but using Kevin Spacey is a bad example. Kevin Spacey is a great actor. Up there with Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep doesn’t get asked bullshit questions, for the most part, either. Neither does Naomi Watts (well not this year at least).

But guess who does? Kristin Stewart…and Jennifer Lopez. Why? Because they’re not known for being powerhouse actresses (even though Kristin Stewart has done some good work–maybe we should say Jennifer Love Hewitt). Their existence in Hollywood is based highly on their sexualization. Interestingly though, so is Keanu Reeves’ but he gets asked interesting questions about his movie.

So we’re really more sexist to people who’s talent value quotient is not super high. We’re sexists more to people who have careers because their sexiness sells as opposed to because of their craft.

We’re still sexist in the other situations though.

And yes there are examples of good actresses being talked down to side by side with good actors being valued based on their intellect. Famously Robert Downey Jr. And whats-her-name.. Was it Gwyneth? Hmmm… I know people think she’s good so I’ll call that good enough.

My point, maybe they should have done this with Keanu or John Leguizamo (who I like) or Justin Bieber or someone.

Using Kevin Spacey was contrived because its more about his reaction than it is about the issue. Does Kevin not know the issue exists? No he knows, but it is fucked up as he says. You’re basically using his celebrity to make him look like an ass because he didn’t catch on fast enough. Then using that (that he looks dumb and confused) as a way of calling attention to your point. That would piss me off too. Because he deserves more respect than that. As does Meryl, and she gets that if you go watch the other red carpet interviews going back to 2010.

So pick on someone who would get these questions if they were female gendered. A female Kevin Spacey (who I would say is probably Meryl) wouldn’t. Also use language that the target is socialized to understand Mani-pedi? Really? That’s so out of context for what he’s prepared for of course he’s confused. Should have just said manicure.

Anyway. Point made.

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